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Electrosex Guide

What is Electrosex?

Electrosex or E-Stim, is a sexually stimulating activity that utilizes electrical energy. By applying a safe level of power, electrosex toys send orchestrated pulses of energy into your body and genitals. This brings you heightened levels of sensation, pleasure and even orgasm. When you supply the right electrical signals to the body's nerves, the recipient can feel some amazingly erotic sensations.

You might feel different sensations like throbs, tickles, strokes, waves, flutters and squeezes. Send these signals to various parts of the body such as the prostate, taint, cock or balls. A guy can generate climbing waves of pleasure and blow his load without ever touching himself. You can set up an electro-dildo to pulsate and throb like you're being fucked. Electrosex takes experimentation, timing and some practice, but this is why it's so exciting.

What to Buy?

There are 2 major components when it comes to creating your electrosex experience. You will need to get an Electrical Unit and Accessories.

  • Electrical Unit: The Electrical unit is typically battery powered and is what creates the electricity. From the unit you control the intensity and type of sensation that you feel.
  • Accessories: The beauty of E-stim is that there are so many different ways to apply it to the body. The accessories are the toys that you'll be using to pleasure yourself or others. Once you know what type of electrical unit you want, choosing the right accessory is fun and easy. Browse our selection of toys and see what appeals to you. For example, if you want to give your asshole a wild ride, then choose an Electro Stainless Steel Anal Dildo, they are intense!
  • What's your budget? Are you new to electrosex or do you have some experience? We have E-stim units that range in price from $98 to $459. The less expensive units offer the basic controls of stimulation like frequency and intensity. They also allow you to try this new type of stimulation to see if you like it without spending a lot of money. We also have beginner kits that include a variety of accessories.

    The higher end units offer a great variety of stimulation options and pre-programmed features. You get what you pay for. If you are really excited about having the best electrosex experience and want to leave room to grow, you might prefer to invest in high end equipment.

    Where to Start:

    Beginners - These kits come with some basic accessories to get you started.

    Intermediate - You'll need to buy both the electrical unit and the accessories that go with it.

    Advanced - With some familiarity of the products you can create the ultimate electrosex experience.

    Tech Tips

    A note on Mono-Polar and Bi-Polar Devices: In order for electricity to flow through the body it needs to flow from the positive electrode to the negative. A Bi-polar accessory is complete and connects the circuit so you will feel the current by gripping the device tightly. An example of this would be the Rimba Electro Sex Ridged Anal Dildo which tightens the asshole around the dildo.

    A Mono-Polar accessory requires that you hook up two uni-polar devices to the body in order to complete the electrical circuit flow through the body. An example would be the Electrosex Penis Rings.

    Adapters: Adapters are what make your accessories work with your electrical unit. Some accessories are made to connect to a specific electrical unit. If you have an Eros Tek unit and want to hook up some Acrylic Penis Electrosex Bands, you will not need an adapter because the bands are made of banana style leads (which come with the unit). However, if you have an Eros Tek brand unit and want to connect a Rimba Electro Anal Plug up to it, then you'll need an adapter. This is because the Rimba electrical units use a different style output plug.

    With the right adapters you can hook up almost any accessory to the electrical units. Some of the e-stim accessories may need adapters to work with different electrical units. Check the product descriptions if you are unsure.


    • Circuit: A complete flow of electricity going from the positive electrode to the negative electrode.
    • Electrode: Two wires come out of the electrical unit. One wire has a positive electrical charge and one wire has a negative charge. The pin at the end of the wire is called the electrode.
    • Eros Tek: A manufacturer of high-end programmable and pre-programmed electrosex electrical units. Eros Tek and Folsom use the same banana-style electrodes for connecting to accessories.
    • Folsom: A manufacturer of high quality electrosex electrical units. Eros Tek and Folsom use the same banana-style electrodes for connecting to accessories.
    • Rimba: A European manufacturer of electrosex toys.
    • Uni-Polar: Mono-Polar accessories are often referred to as Uni-Polar.

    This article was published on Tuesday 10 January, 2006.
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