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Guide to Bondage

Why is Bondage a Popular Fantasy for So Many People?

Bondage is popular because you get to act out your fantasies of domination or submission. Get off on the power play of receiving pleasure from having control or giving up control by being bound. For many, bondage can be a wonderfully kinky and erotic display of affection. Whatever your fascination with bondage is, you'll get great satisfaction from exploring the boundaries of your most erotic fantasies.

Different Types of Bondage Applications

It's easy to get started in bondage. You have a variety of different pursuits including restraints, ropes, handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, leather, tape, hoods, collars, chains, sleep sacks or spreader bars. With the right gear you can experience a rush of adrenalin when being restricted or restricting someone else (all in fun and consensual of course). Excited to get started? Let's begin by exploring just a few of the popular bondage applications:

Door Jam Bondage Accessory

Bedroom Bondage

Under the Bed Bondage Restraints

  • Under the Bed Restraint System - Turn any size bed into a place of pleasurable bondage sex.
  • Cotton Bondage Rope - Awesome for creating body harnesses and restrictive bindings.
  • Black Fleece Lined Blindfold - A black leather blindfold lined with soft black fleece for extra comfort. Sight deprivation heightens all the other senses. These are great for teasing and subduing your submissive.
  • Door Jam Bondage Accessory - A simple, effective and portable bondage device. Works by binding your partner up to the door. This is also great for vacations and travel.
  • Neoprene Super Cuffs - Very comfortable and conforms to the wrists. Has 2 heavy duty steel d-rings to attach to bed posts or to each other.

Deluxe Locking Leather Collar

Beginner Bondage

Bondage Tape

  • Leather Ball Gag - This jelly latex ball gag is very soft and comfortable in the mouth. A good gag muffles most sound and really puts a submissive into their place!
  • Leather Locking Cuffs - Durable, good looking, affordable and high quality cuffs to lock your partner (or yourself) down securely. These cuffs are difficult to escape from.
  • Bondage Tape - Used in a multitude of creative ways for bondage. You can bind, gag, blindfold, mummify or anything else you can dream up. The tape won't stick to hair or skin!
  • Premium Fur Lined Locking Collar - An ultimate blend of comfort and durability to restrain the most unruly submissive in the most comfortable fashion.

Steel Shackles

eXtreme Bondage

Sensory Deprivation Hood

Bondage Safety

Bondage should always be safe, sane and consensual between the partners. As long as you keep some basic safety precautions in mind you'll be able to enjoy bondage play without hurting anyone.

  • Respect the limits of your partner at all times and use a bondage "safe word." Set up a safe word before you start to ensure that each participant can end his participation with a word or gesture.
  • Never make any bondage restraint too tight, especially around joints (wrists, elbows, knees, ankles) or the neck. You want to make sure your partner can breathe and be sure blood flows to the important parts of the body.
  • Snug bondage restraints should not be left on too long, and never without regular monitoring.
  • Be prepared to cut difficult knots or bonds in an emergency.
  • Go slow with novices and first encounters to bondage. Be especially sensitive to your partner's emotional reactions, providing frequent gentle body contact, spoken encouragement and other reassurances.

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This article was published on Tuesday 10 January, 2006.
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