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The Butt Plug Guide

Ever want to experiment with a little anal play? Then say hello to our little friend, the butt plug. A butt plug is a sex toy designed to fit and stay in your ass. The classic shape of an anal plug has a recessed neck and a flared base. This lets the sphincter muscles close around it keeping the plug snugly in the rectum.

Butt plugs are for everyone. Men get a lot of pleasure from anal stimulation. Buttplugs can be inserted to greatly enhance masturbation. Also, many people like the feeling of fullness that a butt plug gives during intercourse. The anus is a highly erogenous zone making any kind of anal play both pleasurable and stimulating.

Some people like to insert a butt plug before having anal sex. This allows for the sphincter muscles to loosen up and get accustomed to being penetrated.

Butt Plugs

Classic Butt Plugs
  • Classic Butt Plug - Well contoured to keep the butt stuffed while staying in pretty much by itself. 3 different size choices.
  • Glass Pyrex Butt Plug - Individually hand-crafted from smooth, heavy and cool glass. This butt plug feels great in your ass and is a visually stimulating work of art.
  • Tantus Severin Butt Plugs - A premium silicone butt plug with a Tri bulb design making entry easier. Each bulb gradually gets larger for a nice full feeling.

Common Uses for Anal Toys

Sticking an anal plug up your ass can bring about wild sensations for both men and women.�For men, anal toys can stimulate the prostate, or male g-spot, and bring about amazing orgasms. Also, beginners to anal sex can use a butt plug to get the anus ready for intercourse. Butt plugs can also be worn as jewelry or as a play accessory.

Male G-Spot

Male G-Spot

The Male G-spot, or prostate, is located a couple inches inside the rectum pointing towards the belly. Stimulation of the male g-spot can cause intense orgasms. Anal toys that have a firm forward curve are designed to stimulate the prostate. Three of our most popular male g-spot toys are:

  • Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator - This is the most popular anal toy. With it's patented design, the Aneros stimulates the prostate resulting in electrifying and unsurpassed orgasms.
  • Scorpion Stinger - Designed for prostate stimulation, it also pleases your cock and balls with pleasurable vibrating sensations.
  • Rear Ender - Has an exclusive shape. With its patented curve, The Rear Ender offers two sensations. It reaches the prostate for the man.

Vibrating Anal Toys

Vibrating Anal Toys

Sometimes vibration can add delightful sensations to your anal play. Vibes feel good around the asshole and men get off on the g-spot stimulation. Wearing a vibrating butt plug during intercourse takes fucking to a whole new level.

  • Zing Vibrating Anal Plugs - Uniquely molded silicone vibrating anal dildo. The soft texture provides an erotically sensual feel.
  • i Plug Anal Pleaser - With a flexible tip, it's made for super deep penetration and hits all the right spots. Has 5 computer programmed functions and 10 digital levels of vibrating intensity.

Anal Beads and Balls

Anal Beads and Balls

Anal toys with beads give the asshole a ton of fun. Beads and ripples feel good when pushed in or pulled out of the anus. Try this during orgasm or masturbation for a wild ride!

  • Silicone Beads - 7 inches of beads that start off small and gradually get larger. Made of soft, sensual feeling silicone. Great for use with strap-on harnesses.
  • Vibrating Anal Beads - This rubber anal stimulator has a strong vibrating egg at the end. The vibrations move through all 12 inches of beads.
  • Ribbed Crystal Probe - Artistically designed with a sophisticated and classy look. Made with a pleasurable series of 10 balls with a larger end good for insertion or used as a handle

Anal Toys

Oversized Butt Plugs

For those of you who like it big, then we have just the thing for you. Get that very full feeling or stretch out that asshole with an oversized butt plug. Remember: Use plenty of Lube!

  • The Ass Stopper (XXL Butt Plug) - Beware, this is a super huge butt plug! Measures 9 inches high and at its widest point is about 5 inches wide.
  • The Fist - A life-sized soft rubber fist. For those into anal fisting, this is it!

Unique Butt Plugs

Unique Butt Plugs

Whether you want to add a little style to your anal play or you just want to humiliate your submissive, then add an animal tail butt plug to your collection.

  • Pig Tail Butt Plug - Make 'em squeal loud and hard with their new pink pig tail butt plug!
  • Pony Tail Butt Plug - A must for any equestrian play. After all, what is a pony without a tail?

Important Things To Know About Anal Play

  1. Make sure that the item you are inserting has a handle or flared base.�The anus likes to close the asshole and hold things inside of the rectum. Once you put something up your ass, you'll want to be able to easily pull it out. Abide by this rule or you run the risk of being the topic of conversation over coffee at the local ER break room.
  2. Avoid long, inflexible anal toys. The anus is curved and it can be painful to push a hard, straight object too far in. All of your longer anal toys should be flexible.
  3. Start Small. If you're new to anal play, then start with a slender butt plug. You can easily size your anus by slowing inserting fingers, one-by-one, into your butt. The maximum number of fingers you can stick in will give you an idea of how big you want to go.
  4. Lube it or Lose it! Lubricant is essential to any anal play. The anus does not self-lubricate. So generous amounts of lube are required whenever you are going to stick something up your ass.


  • Eros Lube - A super-slippery and long-lasting silicone lube. It won't get sticky or dry out. *Note silicone lubes should not be used with silicone sex toys for it could damage them.
  • Spike Anal Lube - This water-based anal lubricant is easy to administer. Just insert the nozzle in the rectum and squeeze the lubrication inside the anus.
  • ID Glide - An ultra-silky, long-lasting formula that will get you slick and ready for action anytime. It is water-based and can be used anytime, anywhere with anything.

This article was published on Tuesday 10 January, 2006.
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