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Giant Inflatable Solid Core Dildo
$59.00 $44.95
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Giant Inflatable Solid Core Dildo
Giant Inflatable Solid Core Dildo Giant Inflatable Solid Core Dildo Giant Inflatable Solid Core Dildo

Giant Inflatable Dildo!

If you like huge --we mean HUGE-- then this inflatable dildo is the key. At a whopping 15" long and 4" wide when inflated to its maximum size, this is not a dildo for the weak.

This durable inflatable rubber dildo will last. Aside from the proportions, this penis is a perfect replica of a cock; details show veins, contour, and a nicely shaped head. It also has a more rigid foam core for easier insertion.

Giant Inflatable Dildo Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Uninflated: 3 inches wide, 13.5 inches long; Inflated: 4 inches wide, 15 inches long.
  • Material: Rubber

  • Disclaimer:

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    23 Customer reviews
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    By . blobiguy.
    this this is a beast!!!!! Think hard before using this toy, ask yourself "am I ready to be open more then a 7/11". If so this is the toy for you!!! It may take so preplay to get you ready for it and even then may take some time to get in inside but once it is there it is truly divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    It's Sizleaves me gaping!e and
    Great Pussy Stretcher!
    By bubman59.
    Freaking HUGE! I loved it after I finally got up in me. My hole was gaping so BIG I could get my fist in it. Every one needs to get the Full feeling,it's so awesome!
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    By Big Boy.
    Fuck this is big. I can't do this for a while, and the box it came in is huge too
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    By big dong.
    Definitely my favorite! Very comfortable to play with and I can control how big I want it.
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    By Jack Straight.
    Have this friend for more than year and IT IS THE BEST!!! Inside is harder support so dont worry, its not just a ball! When it inflates, it inflates equally - wider/and even bit longer!!! ;) Others i tried were developing into one big ball and didnt last! One user sufficient, no need for any help, except enough lubricant thou! ;) I have two ways of play, plug it deflated OR inflated. When inflated i counted up to 40 which makes the size doubled! 8-0 Pumping baloon and tube is well attached no signs of wear or sliding out with building presure! Its Worty your money! ;)
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    By Terence O'Lee.
    Well just about anything imaginable has been inserted up my ASS! I live to feel my Hole Gape! Deepening it more & more each time I have my ASS impaled! This is as good of a product for doing that very thing! I GREASE up my ASSHOLE so good & inject alot of lubricant up inside my soon to be fucked ASS! I regularly take well over 12 inches & have shoved a dildo over 18 inches deep but this is more of a thickness gauge & ass-gaping device. When I pump this up all the way and pull it from my ASSHOLE, my ANUS opens wide & stays that way for several seconds after I remove the DONG! Stuck so wide open I can see my SOUL
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    By Trent Ander.
    A great toy but it's not very durable. All purchasers should be advised that this is a two person dildo; one for inserting the dildo and one for enjoying it. After 4 uses the seam of the bulb to the bottom of the shaft developed a leak. A leak equals no inflation and that's what you buy it for. Tried to repair it but it didn't work. This is my second failure in a purchase from Boyzshop. Nothing lasts past a very few uses, unless it is plain old rubber or silicone.
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    By tim green.
    I've tried other inflatables that weren't worth the money. This one is very durable and inflates equally. I opened the package and my first thought was "my eyes are bigger than my ass!". I over took the monster!
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    By Willy Griff.
    Amazing inflatable. Starts off huge and ends up giant. A real gape monster. If youre into stretch this is the one for you.
    Was this review helpful to you? 11 27

    By Mathew Stephenson.
    used mine for the first time last night after it arriving only a few days ago! And all i can say is WOW the feeling of it inflating deep in my hole was great my boyfriend was loving how wide it opened me he couldn't wait to shove his fist in ther! its amazing i love it
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    By mark twain.
    This is a great way to train your boi cunt to take huge cock or giant dildos!
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    I have been using this toy for years and it's fabulous. Keep it slightly inflated when storing however.
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    By Stewart wa.
    Since I been using this toy, I have forgotten my other toys. Now if I can find a solid dildo that is the same size , same ridges, same everything as when this is pumped up all the way so that I can do some bouncing up and down, I would be so happy. Would be nice if it would be under $100.00.
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    By Vadia jd.
    Lovely toy! I'm already quite stretched but the sensation of that dick growing bigger and bigger into my ass is wonderful. I would suggest a couple modifications. The air tube should enter laterally and not in rear end, so as to be able to put it on something and gently seat on it for solo flight. Also, a base (perhaps suction cup) would be fine. I prefer to use it with company, but I also enjoy it alone.
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    By KC Eunuch.
    For years I've been playing with large toys and this one is the BEST! You can start out with it kinda soft and then pump it up to completely fill your needs. It has put all my other toys on vacation!
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    By r shelley.
    I got this dildo about two weeks ago. It is huge. it took a little while to get it all the way in and when I did WOW. I could only pump it a couple of pumps at first. Now I can pump it about 20 times. The feeling of being filled so completely is awesome. I play with this toy just about every day. Use lots of lube, relax and enjoy.
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    By skin inc.
    OMFG! This thing is no joke. Didn't think I was gonna be able to take it but after a little warming up with my other smaller inflatable penis, but this little thing getts pretty big I was ready to try it out and OMG this thing is big! Its easier to insert when its a bit inflated. Love it got upp to about 20-25 pumps my first time. Love this monster....
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    By Rick Brazil.
    That's sooo huuuugeee, oh my butt, completely full of fun, made cum so good!! NOT FOR THE WEAK!!!
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    By Matt W..
    OMG this thing is awesome! Make sure to use plenty of lube and just relax. When you're ready...pump away!!! The stretching feeling is awesome.
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 23

    By Bob Noland.
    This toy is a lot bigger than I expected! I still can't fit it... I guess I was getting a little ahead of myself. I honestly can't wait until it fits though.
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 24

    By Trooper 13.
    Just got it today and I thought I wad ready for it. When I got it it was HUGE! Only got it in a few inches but it felt great, looking forward to conquering it then inflating it. yes maybe I should have started with something smaller. But again I thought wad ready.
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    By jame ss.
    Look at the picture. That is it inflated to the minimum when it's inflated the thing is so friggen SCARY it ain't funny.
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    By j baker.
    I fun seeing your playmate eye's and smile grows as this toy grows together. Just to get it hard to go in, dia. is 2 1/2" Then the fun starts as you dare him to guess your age, and count the pumps. Then in time ask for ten more, then again an again. Grows to about 4"-5" but the base in the pic grows to a big 6" dia. now get him to sqeeze the base with two hands for added fun after this toy has max air inside 100 pumps +/- You have to find the right lube if you want to ride up and down like a dildo as some lubes seem to melt away, try water base or J lube
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