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The Extreme Nipple Clamps
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The Extreme Nipple Clamps
The Extreme Nipple Clamps The Extreme Nipple Clamps The Extreme Nipple Clamps

The purpose of a nipple clamp is to apply sensual pressure to a person's nipples. The pinch and pressure feeling that is applied to the nipples -- which can already be a sensitive part of the body -- can create a greater arousal and feeling of pleasure for your partner. These extreme nipple clamps take the feeling of that pressure to a new stimulating level. To begin with, there are "teeth" on the clamp for that added sensation. These teeth have just enough to feel the pinch, but they won't puncture through the skin. Additionally, there's a hole at the bottom so you can attach extra weights. So imagine your partner's surprise, and potential delight, when you use additional weight to apply constant pressure to their nipples.

Specifications: The nipple clamps can close till around less than 1/2" at the widest point. They measure 3" in total length.


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