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The Rebellious Ryan Ultra-Realistic Dildo
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The Rebellious Ryan Ultra-Realistic Dildo
The Rebellious Ryan Ultra-Realistic Dildo The Rebellious Ryan UltraRealistic Dildo The Rebellious Ryan UltraRealistic Dildo The Rebellious Ryan UltraRealistic Dildo The Rebellious Ryan UltraRealistic Dildo

Rebellious Ryan has it all: the most realistic feel, the penetrating length, and an impressive girth!

If you want the feeling of being topped by a well hung man, then Rebellious Ryan is the cock for you. The moment you feel Ryan, and the way that the layer of soft realistic skin on the outside moves over his firm cock core; you'll know why we put the "ultra" in front of "realistic".

What's the point of such a realistic material if you're not going to sculpt an incredible cock? Fortunately, this is an incredible cock. Ryan's got a manageable head on top of a fat and well veined shaft. We love the way that he just gets girthier at the base, so if you can handle his shaft you get a little bit of extra stretching challenge before you bottom out on his balls. There's a full seven insertable inches of cock to experience here, and you can enjoy it hands free with his effective suction cup base. This dick is really well thought out and constructed from end to end.

We're really excited to be able to get you such a great ultra-realistic cock at such a great price. If you want a big cock who's up to fucking you any time, Rebellious Ryan is sure to satisfy.

Rebellious Ryan Realistic Dildo Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 9" in total length, 7" insertable length and up to 1.85" in width (mid shaft)
  • Material: Ultra-Realistic SexFlesh (PVC)
  • Has a realistic look and feel with veined shaft and textured balls
  • Suction cup base lets you mount Ryan to almost any flat surface

  • Model images courtesy of UKNAKEDMEN.


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    By Sam Long.
    Excellent value for money. Ordered this a couple weeks ago and arrived fast. This Cock is very realistic, it is larger than I anticipated but I'm not complaining! :) It's great to suck and also ride. The suction cup works really well on just about any surface, worked on a wall, tiled floor, mirror surface etc. It's nice and firm but dangles just like a real cock. This is large, so I recommend thorough douching, and inserting quite a bit of lube into your anus before using. To achieve a super realistic result you can also warm the dildo under warm water for a while and it maintains a nice warmth for a long while. Best way to get used to it and to help you achieve a seriously great orgasm (front and back) is by squatting down on it slowly and relaxing and getting used to it, then building up a rhythm until you can slide down on the whole thing. This worked best for me as I'm 6ft so I can handle it's length perfectly to achieve a nice orgasm. You can also place it on a wall and ride it that way, and obviously use your hand to hold it and pound yourself that way as well. It's very well made and the quality is excellent. It washes easily and dries pretty fast. You can be creative as well and use a syringe on the side or similar smaller squirt device to simulate a cum shot or ejaculation on your stomach or face (easy cum recipe is mixing powered icing sugar with water until right consistency is achieved and tastes great too!) I have had the most amazing stress relieving orgasms with this thing, again excellent value for money. Very happy with the purchase. Highly Recommended!
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    By doug dp.
    Great realistic cock. A bit on the large side but warm it up and some lube and once you have it in dam its a great fuck. Love this toy.
    Was this review helpful to you? 62 22

    By New Challenge .
    I was hesitant to buy hector. I've never taken a cock nearly as big, but my want to take as much in my ass as physically possible I had to try. When I got it was delivered I was shocked. I knew it was big but I didn't expect that big. It was also a beautifully crafted cock. The detail in the shaft and head are perfect. I would suggest anyone buying also invest in a lot of lube. The head slides in easily but it's the shaft that takes a minute. Or an hour in my case. But when I finally got it all in I was in love. The shaft gives an amazing stretch and it goes beyond deep. The suction cup is super strong and great for riding hard and fast. I've never been opened so wide and after use my asshole had an incredible gape. This will be used daily until I am ready for something bigger but I'm sure it won't take long. The heroic hector is the most perfect dildo to own if you want to be fucked by a huge cock. Only thing that would make it better is if it could cum : )
    Was this review helpful to you? 50 29

    By tom alford.
    Got this dildo in hopes of becoming a total power bottom. It has taken awhile, but I finally can slap this thing on the wall of my shower and fuck myself hard on it! My bf is rather well endowed so this comes in handy getting me ready to go, or keeping me company when he's gone. My only concern is that i started noticing dark black patches under the skin of the dildo not long after i got it, it doesn't seem to have effected it in any way other than the way it looks. Anyone else have the same problem?
    Was this review helpful to you? 45 27

    By John Doe.
    Very nice dildo! Bigger than I expected but I ain't complaining. Best purchase I ever made. If it's a big cock you want then this is for you!
    Was this review helpful to you? 42 24

    By First Toy.
    This is my first adult toy. I tend to be picky, especially when it comes to bottoming. (Usually mostly a top, unless dating a guy for a while and he wants to switch it up) Not sure why, but I've been "in the mood" lately; I hadn't had the real thing since August, so I was a little concerned about the size of this thing when I opened the box; it's "ample" to say the least. It's well constructed and while obviously synthetic, it feels good in the hand (slightly sticky texture, especially after washing), but a good imitation. I naturally wanted to try it out. The suction cup works reasonably well, despite pretty decent mass (about 2 pounds). It took plenty of lube (Swiss Navy silicone-based worked well) but I had it fully inserted within a few minutes. It's very girthy, but I didn't have much problem working it in. The result was surprising; I found myself uttering things which is unusual, and I was shaking, skin flushed, and heart pounding (and I'm a conditioned athlete!) I've never had a solo session that was as satisfying nor exciting. The sticky texture is the only minor dislike. Otherwise it feels pretty real! I'm going to try SexFresh powder as recommended by the manufacturer. Absolutely recommend this product, even to a beginner like myself. It's a great substitute when the real thing is unavailable.
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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    realistic feeling
    Very very nice
    By Rob .
    My first dildo and really the best purchase "ever" I got. I am a tight hole and when I received my Ryan's package then OMG ( little scarry about the size). What I did read all recommendation s about Lube a lot and started my Ryan's workout I mean SLOWLY Slowly and a lot of lube until got it all the way in 👍 now I am feeling so happy Best pleasure ever when I ride my Ryan all the way in and out for around one hour or so
    Was this review helpful to you? 11 1

    By insanity manatee.
    Holy S**t. I expected it to be big... But this big. I'm glad I ordered the 16oz lube. It was a tight fit, but I eventually got it in and I almost came immediately. It's so filling.
    Was this review helpful to you? 32 24

    By Anonymous Guest.
    I am a virgin; I have never bottomed or even used a dildo before. I bought Ryan knowing he was big, but I was surprised. This dildo is huge! When I first put it in, it burned. But I put a lot of lube on it and within minutes it filled me completely. I can't explain how amazing it felt. Again, I've never done this before and I was able to take it all, but I am pretty big (6 ft). This may not be the best for beginners, but if you think that you can take it, I say try it. Ryan feels amazing!!!
    Was this review helpful to you? 36 28

    By hotcock22 hotcock22.
    WOW...I got this dildo a few months ago, and it is amazing! I also have the Adam's Pleasure Skin dildo that I use to loosen me up, then I slide in this big boy. I have become quite experienced with it, but I still put a generous amount of lube on, just so it would be easier and feel better. I have now learned a new trick. If I fuck myself with this dildo long enough and with the right speed, I cum without even touching my dick! This dildo literally fucked the cum out of me without me touching my dick. It is amazing!
    Was this review helpful to you? 29 22

    By derek maddox.
    One of the best dildos I've used. When riding on it, it stay nice and stiff so when u go down it arcs and just pleasures the inside ass and made with good material
    Was this review helpful to you? 31 24

    By gary tuttle.
    After riding this its clear i am a size queen,, great girth, well worth it.
    Was this review helpful to you? 28 24

    By troy gribble.
    I got home and my roomy had it and when I walked in it was on the table and boy he told me to strip and I did and he used it raw on me and I loved it
    Was this review helpful to you? 24 21

    By Jim Cardinal.
    I enjoy using Hector every day. This has to be the best dildo I have ever used. My boyfriend suggested I look at the samples on this website and after trying Hector, I'm really sold on it. It's soft, goes in nicely, and looks like the real thing. I have just recently come out as a gay pussyboy and I can't get over the pleasure I get from Hector.
    Was this review helpful to you? 26 24

    By Vicdick 009.
    Had this delivered to my office (thank you discreet packaging!) and needless to say, I took a half-day to race home and try Hector out. With a little work, and a LOT of lube and poppers, I rode Hector a few times. Knee-buckling & leg-shaking trying to get up after using this... For any intermediate bottom, this is the dildo for you. Hands down.
    Was this review helpful to you? 24 22

    By Albo Man.
    It is awesome. Just got it today and played with it for an hour. Not for begginers though.
    Was this review helpful to you? 22 21

    By Joshua Morin.
    SO thick. I thought it would have been longer, but it's just great. The feel is extremely realistic, and for the price, you can't beat it. I can't really use it, because I'm a beginner, but I will in the future!
    Was this review helpful to you? 24 23

    By guest user.
    this thing is huge, hopefully someday i can take it farther than a couple inches...but it is well made. only complaint is that it's hard to find something that the suction cup sticks to well
    Was this review helpful to you? 24 24

    By Rainbow Puke.
    This thing is fucking HUGE. Totally worth it! It feels sooo real! I came so fast. I named it magic mike ;)
    Was this review helpful to you? 22 22

    By Doug D..
    I was skeptical when I read "ultra-realistic". They all say that, but I warmed this thing up and took it for a ride and it was awesome! Just like being penetrated by a guy with a big cock. The head feels almost exactly like the real thing and it's velvety soft on the outside, just like a real cock. I'll be riding this one all the time. Well worth the money and a good buy!
    Was this review helpful to you? 21 22

    By WRLG Gmzn.
    I certainly love mine I can't stop playing with it I even practice deep throating with it. Its really big. Not for beginners. And its cheap!
    Was this review helpful to you? 19 21

    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    realistic feeling
    Love mine
    By Anonymous.
    Buy it you'll like it! Perfect size all around. Not for beginners, but not advanced either.
    Was this review helpful to you? 15 18

    By Danny Clue.
    I'm a beginner and when I got the heroic hector I just hopped right on this suck, fits like a glove didn't have a hard time getting it all the way in either. Slight discoloration it looks like air bubbles or something, but it didn't seem defective so I saw no reason in returning it.
    Was this review helpful to you? 19 22

    By S MG.
    I bought this dildo and it's definitely not for beginners . I prefer hung men so this was the perfect dildo for me...I am 100% satisfied with this product.
    Was this review helpful to you? 18 22

    By joe doe.
    just holding this feels so real. wish i was hung like this big guy. slides in easy with a little warmup session
    Was this review helpful to you? 18 22

    By Stone Blaque-Bottom.
    I got this a few weeks ago and the first surprise was how thick and heavy it was! Then the texture felt just like a real cock. I thought it would rip my man-pussy asunder so I used a lot of lube and patience and eventually got it all the way in. Once I was totally relaxed riding it was like going to the moon and back - best sex toy ever!
    Was this review helpful to you? 19 23

    By Kurt Gon.
    I got this on my mail today! I was excited to try it out! I didn't make it happen cus it was too big and too thick, didn't expect it was going to be this big! My ass is too tight for this dildo haha. I do not recommend this for first titmers.
    Was this review helpful to you? 20 24

    By Robert Cuellar.
    I really enjoyed my Ultra-Realistic Dildo while i had it. I had to put it in a locked file cabinet. While it was stored, for some reason i melted in some areas and was unusable. The rubber was very soluable and elastic. I had to get rid of it. I think i have to get one that is made of latex so that it will withstand the heat. Just wanted to let you know.

    [ Editor's Note: Did you use it with oil based lube? Toys like this can have problems when used with oil based lubes or when in contact with other soft rubbery toys. Heroic Hector should not break down easily. ]
    Was this review helpful to you? 16 21

    By Slim Stud.
    This is the best dildo I've ever used!! It's thick but not too big in my opinion. The material feels awesome and it goes in pretty easy. I cum in no time with this thing fucking me!
    Was this review helpful to you? 15 21

    By First Dildo.
    This is my first dildo, and I bought it impulsively not realizing how wide it was. So when I got it in the mail I was pretty shocked, and also kind of excited about giving it a try. Like the other reviewers this guy is pretty thick! However, it's phenomenal if you like taking thick dicks or are interested in learning to. Despite the size, the head on this guy is very manageable and slides in nicely. It's what comes next that's the challenge especially if you're new to it. However, the dildo is well put together and it felt amazing trying to see how much I could take when I first have it a try. Nice quality material, and I had an awesome load when I finished. I can say that this guy is going to be great whenever the bf isn't in town and I'm looking to take a nice dick! Highly recommended!
    Was this review helpful to you? 17 23

    By Tim Rr.
    Got mine today and loved it. I am a top who always wanted to try a nice big cock so I bought a dildo. I was surprised how easy it went in and I never had anything up there before.
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 21

    By Tony Smith.
    This is my first toy. kinda new to all this. it looks and feel real. very firm but flexible also. couldnt stop riding it for hours. very good buy.
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 21

    By Stephen B. Knutti.
    All I can say is...WOW!! I just got this in the mail today and I couldn't wait to test drive it. This has got to be the most AMAZING dildo I ever had! It is so thick...but so soft yet firm...the most incredible feeling as it started to open me up! I am going to spend hours riding this wonderful cock!
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 21

    By B. Awesome.
    This thing feels very nice and has a great realistic look and feel. BUT review the measurements cause this bad boy is HUGE! Took me quite a while to warm up to just past the tip, and it only gets thicker the further down you go.
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 22

    By Harry Potte.
    OMG i got this in the mail very first dildo. SO AMAZING. Spent an hour fucking myself then i finally came with it in my man pussy. SO GOOD and worth it. Its really big and perfect.
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 22

    By wow ouch.
    This is very big, lots of lube maybe a bucket full. We didnt notice at first but it had a rip in the balls. Its used now so what ever, and we know we didnt do it.

    [ Editor's Note: You do have a 30 day warranty against defects. Using the product doesn't void that warranty against defects. For the majority of products a return is unnecessary for us to send you a replacement. ]
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 22

    By Jack Yeauxhoff.
    When I got Hector and saw how REALLY big he is,I was worried I may have over done it.But when I tried it out it was amazing! It took a while and alot of lube but I finallly bottomed out and came like crazy.Best orgasm ever!I can't wait to play again!
    Was this review helpful to you? 13 21

    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    realistic feeling
    Huge and sturdy
    Just Huge but great
    By Analman.
    This thing is so huge...Much bigger than I thought...It is so sturdy and strong that you can ride up and down as fast and long as you want...It completely stretches you out to the point that there is no shape left to your hole at all...Believe me, when you are done you could pretty much fit anything up there...Had it in for a little over an hour including time to just feel it inside me...It will make you so hot that you will want it every day.. It's the best!
    Was this review helpful to you? 15 23

    By Harry Stippe.
    This is the best dildo that I have ever had. When I received it, I was a little worried that it was too big. Lubed my ass and sat on it. Went in all the way to its balls. Use it every day. Have had it in my ass 5 times today. Can`t get enough.
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 23

    By Happy Twink.
    This is the most amazing dildo I own! I can't get enough of Hector! I own several other realistic dildos but by far and away this is my favorite. No comparison... Its so soft and yet firm its perfect to ride ......hard ! Its not for the faint and gives a good stretch!
    Was this review helpful to you? 13 22

    By Billy Bong.
    I can't get enough of this dildo! Hector will really strech you out. I have both Hector and Juicy Justin, and if you're a less experienced bottom, I'd recommend Justin as it's about as long as not as thick. But if you like that full feeling Hector is the best. At the thickest he is about 7" around! And the way he is made the stretching is gradual, which is awesome. Really great and very realistic feeling dildo!
    Was this review helpful to you? 12 22

    By Aaron Holloway.
    I got Hector a few months ago, and i must say wow. Hector is my second dildo but his bigger and thicker. This Hector dildos drives me wild, i love using it, its feels kinda like the real thing in me, but Man i would love to ride the real Hectors cock mmmm. A must Buy didldo
    Was this review helpful to you? 12 22

    By Josh Bon.
    Best dildo Ever. So excited when I received my package. It was huge. Enjoy getting fucked for hours by this dildo until i cum. Looking to buy a bigger one. Any recommendation?
    Was this review helpful to you? 14 24

    By caleb br.
    very nice worth the buy one of the best dildos ive owned
    Was this review helpful to you? 13 23

    By James br.
    I am used to anal play, with beads and I have a lovely butt plug. I've always loved playing with dildos and when I saw the rebellious ryan I thought that's the one for me. The postage was fast since I live in England and when I unwrapped it it was bigger than I thought it would be but man does it fit great, has a lovely curve on it and I find its much more pleasurable to have the dildo upside down. The girth is great and with it upside down it all fits in very very nice. This is mew favorite toy for sure and I highly recommend this dildo, you wont be disappointed.
    Was this review helpful to you? 19 30

    By twinky boi.
    hector = simply feels so real its def not for beginers but if you like thick cocks this is a must have just long enough to go for a hard ride and bottom out to the balls ive had it 2 days used it 3 times and the night is young still! i just cant get enough!
    Was this review helpful to you? 12 23

    By Al Moreskin.
    TO TOM ALFORD I have had mine for quite a while and i love it. I'm not sure about your black spots... But i have a suspicion. I noticed some slightly purpleish marks alomg the bottom of mine. When i looked closer, i noticed they were numbers- in reverse. I keep my toy in the same drawer with my condoms. Well, those condoms have expiry dates stamped on them. The ink was transferring over. I Keep it stored in a cloth bag now. Could that be your problem too?
    Was this review helpful to you? 11 23

    By Josh Bv.
    so yea, the reviews and comments that say that this thing is big.....well they arent kidding you. you will really be shell shocked when you open the box and this this thing! i will say this though, once you get using it right, it is fantastic. for me (whos first dick was an 8.5 incher) this was perfect. i got nearly all the shaft in and came faster than ever! highly recommend this guy (if its in stock!).....oh, and dont forget to buy a tube of lube ;).
    Was this review helpful to you? 11 23

    By Stone Chocolate-Cherry.
    Wow! I got my Heroic Hector yesterday and I gave it a test drive...this baby is huge and all I could manage was getting the top half up my ebony bubble butt! In some ways though, I look forward to the daily challenge of breaking into this big boy - I will update you once I can get it all the way in and feel the oh-so-realistic balls up against the gates of my love chute. Not for beginners or the faint hearted
    Was this review helpful to you? 11 23